Do I march like Malcom,

Or more like Martin Luther?

If I show up at the protest,

Will I end up with a suture?

Is it all the tear gas,

And the pepper spray,

That’s making my eyes water?

Life feels harder today.

The weight of the world,

Must feel a lot like somebody’s knee.

I cry in the city streets,

Chanting “I can’t breath”.

Im just a white kid,

Echoing “Black Lives Matter.”

Walking over broken glass,

Another window got shattered.

I watch thousands walk by,

As I step aside and observe the march.

Then I think, “What’s going to happen,

When the streets get dark?“

The National Guard,

Toy soldiers in riot gear.

Do they really protect and serve?

Or just propagate fear?

Rubber bullets fly,

More tear gas released.

“This is all &$@&’n madness,

These badges are the mark of the beast.”

I can’t sleep,

Even though I’m safe at home.

A little lost and confused, I remember-

“If you stand with George Floyd,

You’re not standing alone.”



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